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When Long's Fencing of North Texas is installing on your property, you'll know your livestock and land is going to be well protected.


Our farm fences are designed to withstand all the elements while requiring minimum upkeep. And with affordable rates, you'll love the price tag too!


We specialize in ranch fences and 4-board fences.

Perfect for the farm

These durable classics are attractive and proven to last.


Call today and we can get to work on installing one for you!

Ranch fences and

4-board fences

Featuring heavy, twisted horizontal cables, these fences are as strong as they come! The close spacing between the thick cables prevents hooves and legs from getting caught in the fence. In addition, would-be predators are unable to get through, keeping your precious livestock safe.


V-Mesh Horse Fences

Using a carefully woven vertical mesh pattern of 2x4s, this fence prevents animals from stepping through. It's finished in a bright, galvanized coating and requires virtually no maintenance.


Its flexible construction makes it ideal for hilly terrains and Rolling Meadows. And with incredible durability, this fence is able to withstand the most vigorous conditions.

No-Climb Horse Fence


-Senior discounts

-Military discounts

-Handicap discounts

Family-owned, authorized and certified, insured and bonded, Long's Fencing of North Texas is the natural choice for people who want great results at affordable prices.


Fences and decks are built year round!

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