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Long's Fencing of North Texas has been repairing fences for more than 30 years. With that kind of experience, you know you're always getting the best service available! We can fix up any type of fence, including picket, wood, and wire.


Have you been putting something off for a long period of time? No problem! Our team of professionals can easily get to the root of the problem.

Great repairs to save you money

This is a common problem among wooden fixtures that have been exposed to the elements.


In some cases, patching and supporting damaged posts and rails may be the best solution. Keep in mind that cheaper and non-waterproof species of wood are more vulnerable to the elements, but can be treated chemically or protected with paint and stain to increase their durability.


Our team of experienced experts will help you make the right decision!

Wood Rot

Damage to your fence or a shift in the ground can cause sections of a gorgeous fence to sag or detach! This is an easy fix in some cases, as repairing the top rails and panels may resolve the issue.


Fallen Fence Sections

When a board finally gives way, you can trust us to restore your fence to original condition. When you need replacement parts, we offer tons of panels in slats in a variety of vinyls and woods. You'll find all sorts of styles, sizes, and quantities here!

Replacing Missing Boards

Long's Fencing of North Texas can quickly resolve holes and cracks! With patch patches and refinishes, we can restore your fence or deck so that the damage isn't even visible! As long as the damage isn't extensive, you won't need to do a replacement.

Repairing Holes or Large Cracks

Whether the issue in your gate stems from a problem in the ground or a simple latch malfunction, Long's Fencing of North Texas is available! If needed, we can replace all your faulty hinges and latches. In some cases, fixing the gate may require groundwork and adjustments to the attached fence.

Correcting Gate Problems

Is your fence sinking, sagging, or leaning? The problem may lie in the post, were it rests a few feet underground. Our experts can quickly assess whether or not the fix will require digging, and take it from there.

Solving Post Problems

Don't let a beautiful, new fence – or a gorgeous, rustic fence – fall prey to the elements! Long's Fencing of North Texas can keep your fences and decks as durable as ever so you can get years of enjoyment out of them.

Refinishing Weathered Stain or Paint


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Family-owned, authorized and certified, insured and bonded, Long's Fencing of North Texas is the natural choice for people who want great results at affordable prices.


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